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Oil painting on canvas. 18 x 24 in. Dichromatic color palette.



Wheel of the Year

Felt tip marker drawing on paper. Illustration of the change of seasons.



Inside Me

Oil painting on canvas. 60 x 80 cm. Expressive artwork.






Cory Arcangel

Poster made in Photoshop. Print 11x17 in. Designed for iEAR Presents event. This image was chosen in a contest as the winner to be used for the event advertising.



Ballet Slippers

Illustrator. Gradient mesh study. Recreation of a photograph into a digital graphic.




Photoshop. Mask and crop study. Conceptual piece.



Love Knows No Gender

Illustrator. Poster from a propaganda series. Study on type selection and use.




Illustrator. Created entirely by the pen tool. Recreation of an object with lines, cut outs and gradients.



Artistry and Design

Illustrator. Assignment to create a book that includes information on designers chosen by the professor and myself. The book had to include information on the artists, what I learned from them and a timeline of events in their lives and mine.


Lei Bella

Illustrator. Created my own magazine cover, index and article to display what I thought were the correct ways to display typography and information in a magazine. (Only cover available for viewing)






Photoshop. Editing for Visions by Rhonda photography. Before and after example.


Soon to come! Braces removal and my face put into shattered glass.